Gretchen (curvature) wrote in elfwoodtech,

Merge Update

Thomas has updated the News & Features section of the Elfwood front page with the following message:

Updates: You might wonder what the h*ck is going on right now behind the scenes at Elfwood, the ticket's being locked and all. Truth is that we've been preparing ourselves for the merge. The new-joins questionaries are updated and I have done some work on the new look of Elfwood. I have also been delayed by some personal stuff, but next week I will hopefully be able to open the new Elfwood (New look and No more Zone47) [More Info]. So, Expect Elfwood to be down for a day or two next week!

Upgrades: We've been improving the Elfwood server infrastructure a LOT recently. Details on our hardware investments can be found on our donations page, as usual. The PC called "Ewancient" now takes care of 100% of all picture requests. Since it's now a very powerful PC, and the main Elfwood server is released from these requests, all of Elfwood will be MUCH, much faster now! Oh, All our PCs are now moved to a 100mbit network connection too.

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