Gretchen (curvature) wrote in elfwoodtech,

Gallery Merge and New Joins (cross post)

This message now appears in the ew_mods journal:

You may have seen the following message on the front page of Elfwood:

The Elfwood merge of the Fantasy and Scifi art sections "Lothlorien" and "Zone 47" is getting closer. At the same time, I will also change the graphical layout and navigation of Elfwood. I can't give you any date yet, but be prepared (and take a few screenshots if you wish to remember how Elfwood looked like in the old days)
I have posted some preliminary info on a special Merger page.
Please note that the tool for the conversion of Zone47 accounts is not yet activated at the Extranet

Due to the changes taking place at Elfwood, we have stopped all updates and new joins until after that has happened.

We don't yet have a date. Keep an eye on Elfwood's main page for further updates!
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