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elfwoodtech's Journal

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Elfwood Maintenance
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elfwood is for community discussions only.
elfwoodrant is to rant about Elfwood-related topics.
elfwoodplugs is to plug your art, or recommend others!
elfwoodprojects is to keep updated on current Elfwood-LJ projects and contests.
elfwoodrules is for discussion about Elfwood rules and policies, and decisions made by the Mods and ERB.

From the official site:
"Elfwood is a huge, non-profit home to Fantasy/Sci-Fi art and literature. In response to feedback from artists and viewers, Elfwood has expanded its site to cover a full range of Art, Fiction and How-To Guides. It is tightly controlled to stay within the SciFi/Fantasy theme, as art or stories depicting other motifs are not accepted. We host a wide range of original artwork to behold and inspire, and exciting tales to tantalize the imagination.

The growth of Elfwood has been tremendous since its humble beginning in May 96."

See here for more information.

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